Vyborg – Alvar Aalto Library
Vyborg – The Area Around Avangard Stadium
Vyborg – Avangard Stadium
A Former Restaurant Next To The Trade House

During the past 700 years, Vyborg, a picturesque provincial town on the north-east banks of the Gulf of Finland, has changed hands a number of times, moving back and forth between Sweden, Russia, Finland, the Soviet Union and Finland again before finally settling down with Russia. Today the cobblestoned city, which is just 130km from St Petersburg, is a favourite of Russian tourists, although its proximity to Finland ensures scores of holidaymakers from across the border who visit for the cheap clothes and cheap booze. Vyborg’s changing citizenship is evident in its landscape with buildings of different architectural styles — Art Nouveau, Functionalism and Nordic Classicism — nestled side by side. St Petersburg-based photographer Egor Rogalev spent a day walking around the city, taking in the local culture.
Losing Ground

Louisiana Is Drowning

Source: scanned by Gene Keyes in 2009-04 from a photo received in
1983-05 from the World Game Institute
Source: scanned by Gene Keyes from cover of
World Game Report, [28 p.], ©1969, Edwin Schlossberg
Photography by Daniel Gildesgame and Herbert Matter.
RQ-4 Global Hawk Cutaway
Population Division Timeline

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